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Here are the latest updates and enhancements to the OASIS interactive maps:
  • New parcel data for NYC: We have updated the parcel data on OASIS with the 2016 v1 release of PLUTO. This also means we've updated land use information, so you can compare the land use map from 2016 with earlier years going back to 2003.
  • Aerial imagery: NYC has updated its publicly available aerial imagery through 2014 (available via the NYS GIS Clearinghouse), and we've added that to OASIS. Now you can seamlessly see how the city has changed from above over the following years: 2014, 2012, 2008, 2006, 2004, 1996 — and of course going back to the 1609 Mannahatta imagery from the Wildlife Conservation Society.
  • Buildings & other reference data: NYC's Dept of Information Technology & Telecommunications has updated its mapped basemap data such as building outlines, sidewalks, streets, and more, and we've incorporated this information into OASIS's basemap.
  • NYC Parks, Playgrounds, Greenstreets: We incorporated the latest data from the NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation circa 2016.
  • Transportation: CitiBike kiosks are current as of 2016, NYC bike routes are updated (circa 2015), & bus routes have been updated with the latest data from MTA (circa 2013).
  • Landmarks and historic districts: the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission has developed a helpful interactive map with the latest landmarks locations (current as of April 2016), and we've added this information to OASIS. This includes individual landmarks and interior landmarks, and historic districts as well as scenic districts.
  • Environmental sites: integrated new data from NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation, current as of 2016, for brownfields and other environmental remediation sites (updates of EPA data coming soon!).
  • Schools and libraries: updated with the latest publicly available data from the NYC Dept of City Planning as of 2015.
  • Other updates:
    • Updated zoning history links via the new Dept of City Planning website (thanks to OASIS user feedback for pointing this out); and
    • Added property-specific links to the Planning Department's "ZoLa" website.
If you'd like to include direct links on your website to community gardens or other locations on OASIS, it's easy to add these links.