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Here are the latest updates and enhancements to the OASIS interactive maps:
  • New parcel data for NYC: We have updated the parcel data on OASIS with the 2014 v2 release of PLUTO.
  • Community gardens: GrowNYC has updated its comprehensive survey of community gardens across the city (not only gardens managed by Green Thumb but private gardens as well). The latest gardens are now mapped on OASIS.
  • Citizen Science river monitoring sites: In summer 2014, citizen scientists sampled river and stream locations in NYC, the Hudson Valley, and northern New Jersey for pathogen indicators and other water quality parameters, through the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program. The monitoring locations are displayed on OASIS; a more detailed map is available here.
  • Comprehensive Restoration Plan (CRP) sites: Current as of 2014 as part of an overall update with the U.S. EPA Region 2 and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers through their Waters We Share initiative. See this map for an easy way of viewing the CRP sites.
  • Other updates:
    • Added links to NYC's property resources for each address/BBL search result (look in the Location Report tab), including HPD information, City Planning's ZoLa land use & zoning info, and Dept of Finance's Digital Tax Map; and
    • Updated several map layers including "publicly accessible waterfront spaces" in NYC, combined sewer overflow (CSO) locations in NYC and northern New Jersey, and NYC hurricane evacuation zones.
If you'd like to include direct links on your website to community gardens or other locations on OASIS, it's easy to add these links.