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Now it's just as easy to zoom to a property (or community garden, stewardship "turf", or waterfront site) as it is to develop a richly-layered map of land use patterns, aerial views, and open space resources in each borough and citywide.

See the list below for key improvements, and read more at the UrbanOmnibus.

The new OASIS maps work best when viewed with:

New Features:

  • Print your map: you can print your map (with a custom title and annotation) or save the map image itself as a PNG graphic.
  • Permanent link to your map: you can copy a link to each map you've made and share it via Twitter, email, IM,, blog post, or other online link.
    OASIS link-to-this-map image
  • Easy searches for stewardship "turfs": in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, we've created a special search feature so you can locate stewardship groups and their "turfs" by name, type, region, and group focus.
  • Links to Mannahatta: when you click on the map in Manhattan, we provide a link to the Mannahatta website so you can explore in rich detail what that spot of land most likely looked like, and what eco-systems were around it, circa 1609.
  • Links to lots: we're providing shortcut URLs (web links) that zoom directly to individual properties (like this: so you can easily bookmark your favorite locations -- read more here.
  • Easy map navigation: you can drag the map and zoom in/out just like in Google Maps.
  • Better mapping software so the maps are quicker and look better (special thanks to ESRI's NYC office for the terrain background and a template for labeling subway routes) -- and we've combined the latest ESRI software with powerful & flexible open source tools (such as OpenLayers and Ext JS).
  • Yahoo! local search results -- when you enter a street address or click on a tax parcel, you'll see a list of businesses at that location.
  • New features such as:
    • a timeline slider   OASIS timeline slider image   to seamlessly transition between aerial photos from 1996 and 2008 (as well as 1609!);
    • a dynamic transparency control   OASIS transparency control image   so you can set the transparency level for any layer on the map to reveal what's underneath;
    • Microsoft's bird's eye views of any spot on the map (via Bing). Click the map, then click the camera OASIS marker marker. "Right click" the camera marker to remove it. Remember to look in the "Location Report" for the spot you clicked -- this info will change depending on how close you're zoomed in and what Legend items are checked; and
    • links to online maps for Westchester and Nassau counties and northern New Jersey.

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New Data:

  • environmental stewardship "turfs" (from the Forest Service)
  • historical land use for Manhattan and the Bronx River (from the Wildlife Conservation Society)
  • zoning, commercial overlays, special districts, commercial overlays, and E & D designations (from the NYC Dept of City Planning) and historic districts and landmark sites (from the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission)
  • selected Census data for New York City, Westchester & Nassau counties; and northern New Jersey
  • libraries
  • subsidized housing
  • environmental remediation sites (brownfields, air pollution sources, sewage treatment plants, combined sewer outfalls, industrial dischargers, and more
  • updated existing information with the latest property data, open space sites, harbor habitats, public access to the waterfront, schools, and more -- here's a full list of data sources.

Updated 2010