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About the Neighborhood Tree Survey

Neighborhood trees were surveyed in 3 neighborhoods of New York City during the summer of 2002 by Citizen Pruners. Detailed information about 322 trees was collected and the trees were mapped, in some cases using hand-held computers like the one shown. Some new data has been added to this, much of it collected by children for the trees surrounding their schools.

Using OASIS's maps you can see where these trees are located and identify each tree to get detailed information about it, such as species and size. The Forest Service and SUNY used this tree data in their analysis to determine the environmental and economic benefits of trees in each of the 3 neighborhoods surveyed. Click here to view the detailed data collected and calculated for each tree. Maps were also prepared to show the best places to plant new trees. Click here to view static maps created as part of the Neighborhood Tree Survey.

Want to get involved? Email TreesNY (treesny@treesny.com) to get more information on how to become a Citizen Pruner in New York City.

Contact Lenny Librizzi (LLibrizzi@cenyc.org) at Council on the Environment of New York City if you are interested in learning more.